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History of York Area Housing Group


 The first of our companies, York Housing Development Corporation, was founded in 1971 in response to a series of meetings held in York known as “The Charette”. It was created to provide affordable and decent housing for York’s low-income people in both the City and the County.  

The first major effort of the organization was the acquisition, rehabilitation and resale of 32 substandard houses in the city between 1972 and 1982.  In addition to its home ownership activities, the agency became a major developer of rental houses for York County’s low income people.  Starting small, the agency acquired five apartment houses in the mid 1970’s which it rehabilitated and rented.

Beginning in 1976, the corporation started work on acquiring the site of the former Children’s Home at Pine and Philadelphia Streets.  This was successfully accomplished and soon after financing was secured for the agency’s first major housing development—Delphia House, a 104 unit apartment house for the elderly and disabled.  Construction was completed in December, 1977.

In 1979, a grant was provided by York County to York Area Development Corporation (YADC) to begin development activity in the County.   Coincidentally, YADC began negotiations with ACCO to acquire one of its former factory buildings on East Princess Street at Broad Street.  The ACCO site was eventually acquired and developed as Cable House, an 84-unit apartment house for low income families and now owned and managed by Continental Wingate Management Company.

The property we currently own and manage are Cloverfield-Kingston House, The Delphia House, Dutch Kitchen SRO, East King Street Apartments, Green Meadow Apartments, Highland Manor, Kingston House Apartments, and Liberty Apartments.  More information on our housing can be found by visiting the Housing page.


For a number of years we co-managed 20 chronically mentally ill HUD 202/Section 8 Rehab units with Bell Socialization Services.  Occupied in April, 1987, these units are located at 512 West Market Street, 441 West King Street, 340 West Princess Street, 320 East King Street, 238 East College Avenue, 240 East College Avenue, 361 East Philadelphia Street, and 365 East Philadelphia Street.  For more information on Bell Socialization Services please visit their website at www.bellsocialization.com.


Projects that we have completed and sold:

1.       Wyndamere Apartments, located on Locust Grove Rd/Eastern Blvd in Springettsbury Twp., has 65 family Low Income Housing Tax Credits/HDCNew Construction units and was occupied in July, 1996 and later sold.

2.       Penn Apartments, located at 130 South Beaver Street in York, PA, has 7 mentally ill, HUD 811 units, Co-sponsored with Bell Socialization Services and were occupied in September, 1995.

3.      225 & 227 South Penn Street in York, PA was co-sponsored with Habitat for Humanity and was occupied and sold in 1987.

4.      Stevens School, located at 610 West Philadelphia Street in York, PA, 12 family HUD  Rental/Historic York Rehab units and was occupied in August, 1985 and sold in 1991.

5.      Barley-Trolley Roads, located in West Manchester Township, York, PA , has 10 family units.  The land was sold to the Housing Authority and the project was occupied in 1995.

6.      Hill Street Apartments, located in Railroad, PA, has 7 family HUD Section 8 Moderate Rehab units and was occupied in July, 1984 and then sold.