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About YAHG!

The mission statement of our organization is: We improve communities, strengthen neighborhoods, and stabilize lives by providing quality housing for people with limited resources.


York Area Housing Group is a relatively new name for us. It serves as our “umbrella company”. We are hoping that by using this name, people will realize the depth and breadth of our agency. When reading through the names listed below, you may recognize the names of more than one of our companies – but you may never have known that they were “related”.  The York Area Housing Group consists of the following companies:


York Housing Development Corporation

York Area Development Corporation

Delphia Management Corporation

Cloverfield-Kingston House

Affordable Housing Partners, Inc

381 Associates

Delphia House Associates



We won’t try to explain all of the inter-relationships, ownership interests, etc; however, if you are interested, click here for a brief history of our organization. We would like to share that between all of the companies mentioned above we have developed or co-developed over 500 units of affordable housing throughout York County and that we continue to manage approximately 400 of those units. These units are located in the City of York, West Manchester Township, West York Borough, Dillsburg Borough, and Stewartstown Borough.


Although we have adopted the new name, the familiar faces of the organization are still with us! Click here to access our staff directory.














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